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His skin color kept him out of the best schools;
his mom is fighting back with PLF

LaShawn Robinson

A Concerned Mother Fights to Reverse Racial Preferences in Public Schools.

Help LaShawn Robinson Fight Back with PLF

I support LaShawn Robinson’s fight to eliminate government racial discrimination and ensure educational access for more deserving children.

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LaShawn Robinson works tirelessly to get her children a good education. But a racial quota in Connecticut has boxed them out of high-quality schools. And she’s not going to stand by without a fight.

Connecticut has world-class magnet schools. So many students want to attend; they use a lottery to allocate seats.

But the state has a perverse racial quota, mandating that 25 percent of students at magnet schools must be white or Asian.

If too few white students enroll—which is typically the case in Hartford and many other Connecticut cities—the schools simply leave classroom seats empty to maintain that 25 percent minimum, in order to keep their state funding.

The quota was supposed to reduce segregation. But now, it hurts the very people it was supposed to help.

LaShawn’s son Jarod was rejected multiple times from the lottery, even while available seats sat empty. She decided to fight back.

On behalf of LaShawn Robinson and other Black and Hispanic parents, Pacific Legal Foundation filed a federal lawsuit to overturn this law that denies equal access to the best education based on skin color.

Racial preferences have no place in America’s schools. A win for LaShawn would vindicates this critical protection.