Shutdowns, Closures, Moratoria, and Bans

Understanding state law and legal challenges regarding COVID-19 emergency orders

November 10, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. EST / 12:00 p.m. PST

Virtual via Zoom

This event is co-hosted by Pacific Legal Foundation and Owners’ Counsel of America

Governors and state legislatures across the country have implemented an array of policies in an attempt to contain the virus and its socioeconomic impacts. Many of these policies broadened the scope of government power while placing a heavy burden on property owners and businesses already struggling with the pandemic.

Join representatives from Pacific Legal Foundation and Owners’ Counsel of America as they explore COVID-related policies and the legal challenges to them, including:

  • The constitutionality of emergency eviction moratoria and lockdown orders restricting property and business owners
  • The rights and legal status of property and business owners impacted by emergency orders
  • Past, current, and upcoming litigation challenging these orders

We want to hear from you! Come prepared with your questions for our panelists. This is a public event. Please pass along this invitation to any colleagues that may be interested in this program.

About Pacific Legal Foundation
PLF is a nonprofit legal organization that defends Americans’ liberties when threatened by government overreach and abuse. Each year, PLF represents hundreds of Americans in court, free of charge. PLF has represented landlords in three legal challenges to eviction bans implemented by California, Seattle, and now the Centers for Disease Control.

About Owners’ Counsel of America
OCA is a nonprofit business association made up of the leading eminent domain lawyers from across the nation. OCA lawyers are devoted to the defense and protection of private owners and their property rights in eminent domain, inverse condemnation, and regulatory taking matters.

Event Speakers

Jim Burling

Pacific Legal Foundation

Robert Thomas

Owners' Counsel of America

Leslie Fields

Owners' Counsel of America